New Beginnings

Feeling a Little Relieved – All Systems Go – to Nicaragua

PCLogoPeace Corps Nicaragua – English Teaching Proficiency Project – Peace Corps Training begins with Staging on August 7 and arrival in Nicaragua August 9, 2017.  I have (at last) received completed medical and legal clearance.

My relaunch after Coldwell Banker Real Estate management began April 1, 2017.  And I was a little uncomfortable announcing that date as the official relaunch date for, well, obvious reasons.  Although I spoke of the next major agenda item at the time, I’ve been reluctant to announce it with much certainty until, now.

Why wait?  I’ll devote a separate post to the Peace Corps process for those who might be interested, but, any of a number of things might have cropped up as issues.  As a proud septuagenarian claiming remarkable health, there are still quite a few obstacles to be hurdled.  And all of them are a little more challenging with advanced age (sigh).  For example, who would guess that finger prints are more difficult to provide because fingers have wrinkles?  For now, enough said.

Now that I have the clearance, I feel a bit rushed!  First, I need to hurry and finish my 3 week vacation in Puerto Vallarta.  Then, I’ll be visiting a few relatives and participating in a writer’s workshop and returning to San Francisco in time to march with my Rotary Club in the Gay Pride Parade.

I am definitely excited as it appears that Nicaragua is really going to happen.

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