New Beginnings

Don Diltz’s Retirement? Hardly. This Is Most Decidedly a Relaunch!

01 DSC04434

Coldwell Banker SF Lakeside and SF Managers join Don Diltz in his RELAUNCH and the community’s commitment to service.

02 DSC04435

Coldwell Banker SF Lakeside and SF Managers join Don Diltz in his RELAUNCH and the community’s commitment to service.

09 DSC04424

The SF Lakeside & Saint Francis Wood Branch team sends Don Diltz off to wage peace with signed photo of associates from the city where the United Nations was formed.

Our relaunch party for Don Diltz at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park Chalet on March 28, 2017 was a tremendous acknowledgment of the extraordinary Coldwell Banker San Francisco community and especially the outstanding associates at the SF Lakeside and Saint Francis Wood Branch.  The afternoon celebration commemorated our 7 years working together, growing to be the largest and most profitable branch in the region, and the relaunching of our efforts moving forward.

We have touched each others’ hearts and lives in

04 DSC04411

Coldwell Banker President Mike James congratulates the SF Lakeside & St. Francis Wood Branch team on celebrating Don Diltz’s relaunch to wage peace.

so many ways.  As we move forward in 2017 I

know each of us is rededicated to serving the larger community personally and professionally.

I am happy to report that I have spent excellent extended time at my retreat in the Sierra’s and am making strides toward developing the tools necessary for the next leg of my journey.

I promise my next post will provide some more background on the motivation behind the relaunch to support world peace.  There have

05 DSC04414

Don Diltz thanks the team at Coldwell Banker’s SF Lakeside & Saint Francis Wood Branch for their support as he relaunches to write and work for peace.

been some interesting developments and I’ve begun to make contact with some of the adventurous souls I’ll be working with in this new


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  1. Mixed emotions ~ excitement for Don’s new adventure, along with that tug on the heart knowing we won’t see his warm, welcoming smile every day. Have to say though, there could not have been a more glorious day near the beach, celebrating what we all know will be a lifetime opportunity of learning for Don, and a HUGE gift to all those who come to know him. Onward and upward, Don – we’re your biggest fans! 🙂


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